Why Are Ear Muff Necessary for My Child?

Why Are Ear Muff Necessary for My Child?

Comfortable foam pads, sturdy cups, foldability and stringent specs is makes BANZ Hear No Blare ear muffs right to keep your loved ones safe from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). What’s more, they are colourful, attractive and long lasting.

Reason #1: Ear Muffs For Noisy Events, Concerts And Festivals.

Most aerospace , F1 and carnival events attract families. The NOISE generated from jets, cars and equipment can hit above 100db level which is loud enough to cause immediate and permanent hearing loss in your child. Adult sized ear plugs are often handed out free of charge, but what about your kids? It is important to go prepared with suitably sized ear muffs for your baby and kids. And regular community events near your estate pose noise hazards to your child as well.

Gone are the days when mums stay at home with the kids. These days families are attending festivals together or mum brings baby along to see a rock band or the family and kids go along to see an older sibling performing in a school concert. All of these events have potentially damaging noise and children will benefit from wearing hearing protection to prevent immediate or gradual hearing damage.

Reason #2: Ear Muffs For Noisy Environments, Renovations / Constructions, In-Flight Travel.

Singapore is a densely populated country. High-rise residential buildings are constructed close to one another with multi-storey carparks built next to it. Individual units undergoing renovation or nearby roads and structures going through repairs are a daily norm. With a wider network of MRT system, trains are of closer proximity to residential units ever before.  With greater convenience, it comes with greater noise level in the environments.

The cabin volume coupled with frequent in-flight announcements can proved to be disruptive for babies and kids to fall asleep. Because these ear muffs reduce the overall volume of the surroundings, they help baby and kidsfall asleep – and stay asleep.

Reason #3: Ear Muffs For Kids With ASD / SPD.

Parents with kids that have Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorders have found kids ear muffs to be an invaluable tool in minimising stress and discomfort in their kids. For this purpose kids ear muffs can be used in the class room, noisy shopping centers, and wherever excess or sudden noise may cause distress.